www.bungyjump.cz - bungee jumping, stunts and parties. All about Bungee Jumping, Bungee, Bungy, Bungee history. Bungee Jumping from the highest bridge in Czech from 62 m above the river Hačka near the Chomutov - Horní Ves, 90 km from Prague.


Bungee Jumping 62 m
from bridge, Chomutov
Highest bridge Bungee in Czech
Swing Jump 62 m
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Bungee Jumping
TV Tower, Harrachov
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How to get to TV Tower
How to order voucher
Bungee Jumping
from crane up to 120 m
Dates of jumps
Plzeň 60 m
Praha 60 m
Brno 60 m a 120 m
Bratislava 60 m
Ostrava 60 m
Olomouc 40 m a 60 m
Liberec 60 m
České Budějovice 60 m
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ABOUT US Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with high quality and complete services. To meet your needs we have a qualified team at your service. This helps our customers achieve favorable prices and the highest quality of services, as well as consideration of legislative and environmental regulations. The constant improvement of services for our customers is the matter of fact.

We are doing the show-jumping and stunt-jumping for the presentation of your company, your product, dangerous sequence in the movies or clips. We prepare the plane of action, plan of show-jumping on the base of your enquiry. The show-jumping and stunt-jumping we are doing from the buildings, bridges, towers, cranes and transmitters. We produced with PRIMA TV (Vyvolení 2, Bar), TV Nova (Snídaně s Novou - Adrenalinové léto (VIDEO1, VIDEO2, VIDEO3), Big Brother), with Czech TV (www.eXtravýzva.cz) and Cineart TV Prague (film Pusinky).

age: 36 years

Owner, Technical supervisor, Stunt co-ordinator

Experience: 18 years
First jump: 1995
Speaks: English
He jumped from: TV Tower in Prague
Passionate for: stunt-jumps, SNB, B.A.S.E.
He is written in the book of celebrity: Who is Who
Member of Czech Mountaineering Association in an UIAA member, snowboard teacher, member of Mensa Czech Republic
(IQ 143 by Stanford-Binet scale - European)

age: ?0 years

Jump Master

Experience: 9 Years
First jump: 2006
Speaks: English
Interest: Bungy, Kiting

age: 25 years

Jump Master

Experience: 6 years
First jump: 2009
Speaks: English
Passionate for: bungee jumping, swing, snowkiting, Kiteboarding

age: 23 years

Jump Master

Experience: 5 years
First jump: 2010
Speaks: English
Passionate for: bungee jumping, swing, MTB downhill